Complete Capoeira Music Course

Welcome to our Complete Capoeira Music Course. Over the years, I have realized that one of the most difficult aspects of learning Capoeira is the music. This course is set up to give you access to learn the music of Capoeira at your own can even learn music right from your phone! Each song lesson includes an audio file with pronunciation and the lyrics with translations to English. Each song lesson also includes a video file with the song being sung to the beat with the lyrics and translations as well.

Our Complete Capoeira Music Course includes access to the following:

1. Our Base Course: The Base Course has everything that you need to know to be comfortable with Capoeira music. 110 Capoeira, Maculele and Samba de Roda Songs with translations to English. 10 Berimbau Beats. Atabaque and Pandeiro Beats. This course is designed to give you a strong foundation. Courses within this course include:

Capoeira Songs: Beginner Songs (30). Intermediate Songs (30). Advanced Songs (30).

Maculele Songs (10). Samba de Roda Songs (10).

Instruments: Berimbau (10). Atabaque and Pandeiro.

2. Our Advanced Course: The Advanced Course includes a new song that will be posted each week. This course is designed to help you learn new songs as they come out and become popular in Rodas around the world. Use this course to stay up to date!

I hope to see you singing in a Roda somewhere soon!

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Complete Capoeira Music Course includes these courses

Beginner Songs (30)
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Intermediate Songs (30)
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Advanced Songs (30)
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Samba de Roda Songs (10)
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Maculele Songs (10)
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Berimbau Course
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